Best Features

  • Paper does not disintegrate or fuse into a slab of pulp after prolonged exposure or immersion in water 
  • No special writing instrument needed. Normal pens, pencils and markers will do just fine.
  • Continue to write even when paper is wet or submerged in water
  • Notebooks are made from tree-free paper, no trees are cut down to make the paper



Using the Right Writing Instruments

Pencil and Merchanical Pencil
Can used to write on paper when surface is wet or submerged in water
Conventional ball point pen
Most conventional ball-point pen ink is persistent after exposing to water
Ball point pen with gel ink
The characteristics of 'gel' ink varies according to brands. Ink that remains water soluble after drying are not suitable
Permanent markers
Permanent marker ink stays waterproof after they are dried.